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Code of Ethics

I believe that the best things that we as young writers can do is be honest. In this blog, I want to make sure every post is being held to standards that I have put in place for myself. The following code of ethics was created with a bit of help from Kelli Matthew’s Blog Policies as well as the Code of Ethics for Bloggers, Social Media and Content Creators.

  1. Every post will reflect my own opinions.
  2. I will strive to support each post with evidence and data to solidify my claims.
  3. Because this blog is discussing social media, I will make sure to give ample examples of current posts on all social media platforms.
  4. I will make sure that my own personal social media accounts are honest and professional.
  5. If something in one of my posts in incorrect, I will edit the post and make a clear statement at the bottom explaining the change.
  6. I will give credit if I am using other individuals thoughts, opinions, photos or ideas in any format within a post.
  7. If a comment is posted with a question or response to something I have written, I will work to respond in a respectful and quick fashion.
  8. I will work to push myself to write about topics within the world of social media that may be difficult to talk about/address.
  9. If I feel that a post needs to be further analyzed or explained, I will create a follow-up post and explicitly state why I felt I needed to add-on to the original content.
  10. I will create a blog that I am proud of.
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