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Why Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media–And Why An Infographic Can Support This

This past week I have been working on an infographic detailing why nonprofits need social media. The nonprofit world is full of so many different areas of interest, but they can all benefit from incorporating social media into their organizations. My dream is to go into the nonprofit sector after I graduate and I would be very interested in running an organization’s social media accounts. In my infographic, I explain all of the benefits that a nonprofit can enjoy if they utilize all that social media has to offer.

When I first began planning out this infographic I knew I wanted to include statistics that showed how heavily social media is used today. I began this research by thinking about the group of people nonprofits should be focusing on if they want to get the most out of their social media. I started digging around for information regarding millennials and their donating history as well as the numbers associated with their time spent on social media. I found a ton of information detailing how many millennials are actually using these platforms and then I started to wonder, “How are they utilizing these sites?” That’s how I started to brainstorm what I wanted to illustrate to the organizations hoping to target millennials.

After researching the number of users that could potentially see a nonprofit online as well as how much money they are already donating back to these organizations, I began to think about how exactly these groups should be capitalizing from social media.

When deciding what examples I actually wanted to include, a lot of options came to mind. I knew I wanted to include telling personal stories because so many nonprofits already do this online and see a lot of positive feedback. I also wanted to promote ideas that organizations could only use social media for and that’s why I included live streams and video experiences.

A few obstacles I faced while creating this infographic were making sure I included enough statistical information and examples that would make nonprofits feel moved to actually start relying on social media. I wanted to tell an important story about how beneficial social media can be for all nonprofits.

Also, logistically I wanted to make sure my infographic flowed from top to bottom in a clear way. I didn’t want it to look cluttered or too overwhelming. I also messed around with the placement of the graphics and trying to separate each area of focus with lines to convey to potential audiences a full story. I’m a big fan of being able to look at an infographic and knowing what they are trying to illustrate very early on.

Some tips I have for creating an infographic targeted at nonprofits are making sure to keep their mission in mind the entire time. I would never want a nonprofit to start using social media in a way that feels fake or not helpful for their organization. I also think it’s important to be very straight-forward about how incredible social media can be if it is used in the right ways.

Overall, I am very proud of my infographic because I am truly passionate about nonprofits and social media. I hope that an infographic like this could help a lot of nonprofits discover the power of social media and all that it has to offer an organization.


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