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Five Reasons I Want To Go Into the PR Industry After Graduation

To be honest with you, thinking about life after graduation is a little daunting. As this current school year comes to a close, I have been watching a lot of my close friends decided what they want to do with their lives. Knowing I have one more year before having to make any of these decisions that make my heart race calms me down a bit. Another thing that has been helping me through the scary notion of adulthood is the fact that I am so excited to work in the world of public relations.

Below I’ve compiled a list of just a few of the reasons why I can’t wait to get out into the PR industry after graduation.

1. I have room to grow

One thing I love about PR is that it’s adaptable. My areas of interest could change as the years go by and that is completely okay because of how versatile this industry is. During different points in my career, I could focus on writing, brand communication, social media, corporate social responsibility or crisis management. Sometimes these roles will interact with each other, but I love that this profession has the ability to allow me to always keep moving and growing.

2. I actually enjoy crisis communication

I have always enjoyed the fast-paced rhythm of jobs that require acting on your feet. That’s why the idea of crisis communication has always appealed to me. Especially in the world of an always-present social media, companies make mistakes that are much more publicized. When these mistakes happen, it’s important to have a team that is ready and prepared to brave the fire. I’m very interested in one day getting to work for an organization and handle any problems that get thrown their way.

3. I get to work with interesting companies and people

PR work is very intriguing to me because I have the option to work with so many different kinds of companies. I would love to go into nonprofit work, but I also have the option to work for an agency who gets to lend their voice to multiple companies. I think it would be very exciting to get to be on a handful of different teams working with different companies in need of PR help. Getting to balance multiple projects at one time is something I know I am capable of doing and hopefully one day I will get to work for an agency full of diverse minds all coming together for different projects.

4. It actually matters

In a world full of fake news, public relations matters. It’s our job as pr professionals to tell meaningful stories that allow for the most honest depiction of a company’s brand to be shown. Social media is also crucial to portraying an honest and important message to your audience. Ultimately, if a company wants to succeed they need to build a strong relationship with the public and that is what it means to be a PR professional.

5. It is something I am genuinely passionate about

As daunting as graduation and “real life” may seem, I honestly can’t wait to go out and put all of my public relations practices into action. This profession allows for so much space to find what I love. Thinking about all of the highs, and lows, that I will one day be exposed to doesn’t scare me but ignites something within me. I can’t wait to go out into this industry and hopefully do some good.


One thought on “Five Reasons I Want To Go Into the PR Industry After Graduation”

  1. Hi Norah! All of your posts are great and very thoughtfully well-written. I especially loved reading your post, “Five Reasons I Want To Go Into the PR Industry After Graduation.” This was very relatable and your content really resinated with me. I’m walking this spring and just need to finish one class over the summer and I’m freaking out. It is daunting to think about life post-grad and also makes my heart race! Reading your post made me think about all the reasons why I want to work in the PR industry and reminded me about why I am passionate about it. PR really does matter and to be able to contribute is so important. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reminding me why it’s all worth it.


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