Let’s Get Social–Welcome to my blog

Image courtesy of Ted.com.

How many times have you scrolled through one of your social media accounts today? I’ll admit that before writing this post, I was on Twitter. Social media has become an integrated part of everyday life for most and an addiction for some. It’s how people get their news, stay on top of current celebrity drama and connect with their families and friends. But it’s also how companies, and people, sell their products and maintain their brands. In order to stay relevant and profitable, companies have had to utilize different platforms and attempt to shape and mold themselves to the ever-changing world of social media. Some companies have found a voice that works for them–take Wendy’s bashing their fellow fast-food chain competitors on Twitter–which has allowed them to pull ahead in the unspoken, yet highly-competitive world of staying relevant on social media. These days, social media’s impact has become a lot more powerful. Movements are being started, industries are being called out and people are demanding a change–all with one Instagram post or in 280 words or less.

Over the next few weeks, I want to discuss the power of social media. Whether that’s through political campaigns, how people have made millions selling a “lifestyle”, targeted advertising, or a nonprofits’ ability to make some noise utilizing social media. What’s trending on Twitter says a lot about what people are currently talking or care about and I am interested in looking at all of the different ways these media platforms play a part in our lives. I’ll be the first to admit that I love scrolling through endless Instagram photos and retweeting silly videos on Twitter, but recently I have started to notice how all this time on social media makes me feel, especially with the new screen time hours my lovely iPhone shares with me every day. I’m interested in taking a look at some of the negative sides of social media, but also talking about all of the incredible, and very entertaining, content that is being released. I’m very excited to dig deeper into social media’s power on this blog and hopefully learn a thing or two along the way.

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